Frequently Asked Questions


How can I embed my stream on my websites?

We will email the codes for your site. We can place the codes for you also.


What equipment is necessary to broadcast our live stream?

You will need a computer, an Internet connection, a video camera, and a video capture device (or an alternative way to get the video footage into your computer).


Are there setup fees?

There are no setup fees. We have a free trial (sign up), so it costs you nothing to start streaming.


Are there any ads on our broadcasts?

No, streams are 100% ad free!


At what bit rate can I broadcast?

We recommend broadcasting at a bit rate of 350 Kbps base on our pricing. However, you are welcome to broadcast at a higher or lower bit rates depending on the Internet connection speeds of you and your visitors. Typical ranges our clients broadcast is 250 Kbps to 350 Kbps.


Why does the video Lag on my computer?

There are three possible reasons a video may lag. That could be poor Internet connection, a slow computer or not enough RAM on the computer. Make sure there is no one on the computer or internet while Live Streaming.  If you are using a wireless connection, make sure you have a very good connection. If you suspect your wireless connection may be at fault, you can alternatively connect to your router or modem via an ethernet cable.  Make sure that the streaming encoder is the only software running while streaming.



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